Company Profile

Newcastle Machine Shop was formed through the partnership of two family co mpanies, Hidas Manufacturing and Banek Holdings in 1984.

The two family companies hav ing a background in tooling manufacture, traded as Lake Tooling. Today, the company, based in Cardiff, trades as Newcastle Machine Shop, the name reflecting the growth and redirection of the com pany, since inception. Over the past 20 years, the company foreshadowed the emergence of computerized machinery and channeled its resources towards the acquisition of state of the art CNC equipment from all over the world to assist in the manufacturing process.

Newcastle Machine Shop

The Newcastle Machine Shop Team

The customer base has grown from strictly tooling orientated, to one specializing in precision engineered components on a much larger scale and volume. Customers are now based as far as Perth and Queensland nationally and exports to Indonesia, the United States and India have evolved through the growth of the company’s reputation for quality of product. Newcastle Machine Shop is now experiencing steady growth of some 10% per annum since 2002.

The company now employs over 30 trades people with associated ancillary staff and is a well-respected member of the Hunter business community. The training of trade personnel has become a priority at Newcastle Machine Shop with the indenturing of new apprentices every year and recently recruiting overseas for specific trades based personnel.
Newcastle Machine Shop has full quality accreditation to ISO 9001/2000 as well as being approved suppliers for the manufacture & supply of deffence equipment including components for the manufacture & maintenance of the Joint Strike Fighter(JSF). We have developed & employ a quality management system which controls all aspects of our operations.

Newcastle Machine Shop have also received a number of awards for excellence in manufacture:

Hunter Manufacturers Awards

  • 2005 for Innovation in Manufacturing
  • 2005 for Innovation in training
  • 2006 for Innovation in Manufacturing
  • 2006 for Innovation in training
  • 2006 for Manufacturing Employee of the year

Hunternet Awards

  • 2005 Winner of the Chairman’s Award